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  • John M. Campbell

Inner Workings Kickstarter a Success

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Inner Workings is an anthology from Calendar of Fools, a collection of original science fiction and fantasy stories by winners of the Writers of the Future contest. Each story is accompanied by a short essay on writing craft that the story illustrates. In addition, the anthology includes stories and essays from established authors we met at the Writers of the Future workshop. Initial funding of this anthology is supported by contributors to the Kickstarter project which achieved nearly three times the funding goal originally set.

My story in this anthology is titled "Uncross the Stars." It is set in a parallel universe where zombies and vampires live side-by-side with humans. Bryce the zombie is an actor who is frustrated that humans get all the best parts. Then the perfect role comes his way: playing an undead Professor Moriarty in a Sherlock Holmes movie—but he’s up against Benedict Cumberbatch.

The book is in the last stages of publication and is due for release in December 2023. For more news about Inner Workings, click here.

Inner Workings, a new short story anthology by Calendar of Fools Publishing

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