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Stories by John M. Campbell have appeared in Compelling Science Fiction and in several science fiction anthologies. Visit his Amazon author's page at

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False Identity

Compelling Science Fiction Issue 12

Detective Ronald Munson has caught a strange case. A perp just walked in the door and confessed to the murder of Dr. Franklin O'Neal, a renowned brain surgeon. The strange thing is, Dr. O'Neal is still alive and just accepted the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Is this case a slam dunk, or is there more to it than meets the eye?

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The Hidden Entity

UNREAL An Anthology of Speculative Fiction

ISBN 979-8653994135

Steven Harding is an experimental physicist with ALS who is confined to a wheelchair that he controls with a neural interface. But with the help of his lab assistant, he is about to open up a hidden dimension predicted by string theory. When he succeeds, an entity escapes and jumps into his mind. Suddenly, his ALS is cured. It seems like a miracle. But when the entity infects his wife and threatens his unborn child, can he find a way get rid of it? 

Corporate Cthulhu.jpg
The Loponine Exploitation

Corporate Cthulhu: Lovecraftian Tales of Bureaucratic Nightmare

ISBN 978-0998938974

Bobby Gibson works as a chemist at Elton Pharmaceuticals in Oaxaca, Mexico. But after hours he uses the lab to perform his own experiments aimed at opening the hidden dimension his college professor discovered. He is thrilled when his laser pulse caused the sphere to collapse into a disk, signaling the sphere had entered the hidden dimension. Another laser pulse returns the sphere to the normal world. When he opens the sphere, a blue slime comes bubbling out.

When his assistant discovers the blue slime acts as an aphrodisiac, Gibson's corporate bosses demand he produce more—much more. Will the ancient gods of Mexico cooperate?

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The Keystone Mine

Keystone Chronicles

ISBN 978-0692766712

Thomas Gaines strikes it rich in the Asteroid Belt when he discovers the long-lost Keystone Mine. He also finds an autonomous mining machine on the asteroid, controlled by an artificial intelligence. After years of lonely isolation, the AI welcomes him warmly . But what price would it demand to give up its riches?

The Silicates


ISBN 978-0692714072

Jimmy Collins is a bounty hunter in the Asteroid Belt. When his sensors pick up a glint off an uncharted asteroid, his pulse quickens: it could be Class One Silicate. They were the AIs that gained consciousness and started killing people in the Machine Revolt. They were the most dangerous, and that means the biggest bounty. But they won't be taken without a fight.