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John M. Campbell Author Spotlight

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

The Pikes Peak Writers featured an excerpt of my story from the Dream anthology. See below:

DREAM - AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT! Today's author spotlight is on John M. Campbell. “Living the Dream (Except for One Thing)”.

Excerpt: "When I wake up, I find myself connected to the neural implant of my latest host. Mr. Richard Devon has contracted for my services as a personal assistant. My Wi-Fi goes live, and when I search my local area network, I’m delightfully surprised. Mr. Devon has vision implants that provide high-definition acuity with on-demand night-vision and infrared. I access the feed. He is sitting at a desk before a screen that displays a tutorial on the use of his DAISI: Digital Assistant / Integrated Security Implant. That’s me."

John M. Campbell is a winner of the Writers of the Future contest that recognizes science fiction and fantasy short stories. After a career in the aerospace industry, he has taken his interest in science and engineering and is using it to spawn ideas for science fiction stories. He hopes his stories will motivate young readers to pursue careers in science and engineering as the authors he read inspired his career.

Dream is available wherever books are sold.

Click here for more on PPW's Dream Anthology.

Cover image of DREAM: Tales from the Pikes Peak Writers

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