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  • John M. Campbell

Update: "Tiger and the Waif" Nominated

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

UPDATE: My short story was voted second place in Positive Future Short Stories and fifth place in Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories. Thanks to all my supporters!

I'm thrilled to have my story, "The Tiger and the Waif," nominated as a favorite short story in the Readers Poll conducted by the Critters Writers Workshop. Anyone can vote in this poll (you'll have to provide your email address to validate your vote), so if you want to vote for my story, go to

My story is in the category "Positive Future Short Stories" and "Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories". You also might consider voting for the anthology where my story is published (Writers of the Future Volume 37), which is under the category "Anthologies page". Stories from this anthology are also nominated under "Horror Short Stories" (The Enfield Report by Christopher Bowthorpe), "Steampunk Short Stories" (The Widow's Might by Elizabeth Chatsworth), and "Magical Realism Short Stories" (Sixers by Barbara Lund).

"The Tiger and the Waif" nominated for Critters reader's poll award.
Critters Workshop hosts annual reader's poll
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