• John M. Campbell

Cruise Story

I wrote this poem during a cruise of the Caribbean I took with my sisters somewhat reluctantly. Then I met Luzvy, our server for dinner in the main dining room, and she made the trip memorable. Here is a slightly fictionalized account inspired by Luzvy.

Cruise Story

So your sister booked a cruise somewhere

and asks if you can come.

You decide the time is right to flee

the pandemonium.

It's the prospect of the sunshine, and

the time for relaxation

In the spa for a massage and then

a face exfoliation,

Plus, the thought that maybe also there's

a lady in a thong

Who is cruising with the notion that

a guy might come along

Who appreciates a woman for

her mind, not how she's dressed,

And a lonely engineer might be

whom piques her interest.

Then you find the average passenger

is older than your mother,

And you're stuck aboard this old-age home

for days piled on each other.

There is just the lovely Lusvy, who

is serving you your meals,

Who becomes your nightly refuge from

the daily ship's ordeals.

You endure the endless bingo, and

the blinding tropic light,

Just to bask in her attentions for

an hour every night.

She is friendly, she is funny, and

she has the cutest smile.

So you start to feel like jogging, maybe

swimming, for awhile.

For you have to look your best when you

appear to her at eight,

And you even rent a tux like you

are going on a date.

But the lovely Lusvy mentions that

her boyfriend back on land

Has a plan for them to marry and

has asked her for her hand.

You can see that she is happy, and

you wish for her the best,

So you hide your disappointment, but

you cannot be depressed.

You will always treasure later,

when you feel the ocean breeze,

Every mem'ry formed on board the

Navigator of the Seas.

John M. Campbell


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