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  • John M. Campbell

There's Something About Theresa

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Theresa Covotsos was a test engineer on the TDS project. The TDS software was developed in an east coast division of our company and delivered to the customer site where we operated it. Before we installed a new version, Theresa had to test it to confirm the updates worked properly. We could use Theresa's smile as an indication of how well the new version performed. I challenged myself to come up with a rhyme with her last name. See how I did.

There’s Something About Theresa

This Julia Roberts feature is the widest one you’ll see,

And Cleopatra shared hers with the noble Antony.

Shy Princess Di displayed hers when she ambled down the aisle.

But none compare in luster to Theresa’s dazzling smile.

Her smile is like a beacon from a lighthouse on the shore.

She warns our software engineers of threats to watch out for.

It flashes forth when testing shows the software’s working fine.

If you don’t see it, best beware: there lies a danger sign.

When temperatures are bitter cold, you hope to see Theresa’s smile

To warm the center of your soul and toast your toes a little while.

But if she’s feeling funky, and her smile is locked away,

You’d better wear a sweater; it will be a frosty day.

Sometimes you see her smile—you'll swear its brilliance hurts your eyes.

You have to squint to see her face—it’s blinding otherwise.

When a power failure hits, you hope Theresa’s there.

Her smile illuminates the room (while minimizing glare).

Those perfect teeth, they make you wonder how they ever got so straight.

One might suspect that dental magic’s part of this Covotsos trait.

But looking closely you’ll conclude that everything is bona fide.

Theresa’s smile just shows the goodness of the person deep inside.

Good luck on your new venture.

John M. Campbell


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