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For Jerrell, On Early Mornings

Updated: Aug 26

I wrote this poem for my brother-in-law, Jerrell Black. At the time they lived in the woods of Conifer, Colorado. Their driveway off the county road was an unpaved pathway that wound down a hill through the trees. In the winter, part of the deal living there was having to plow the snow off the driveway before it turned to ice and made it impassable. For the last line of the poem, you need to pronounce the name of their dog, Gracie, with an English accent so it rhymes with icy.

For Jerrell, On Early Mornings

Plow the driveway

Up the hill

’Round the trees

Keep plowing still.

Plow the neighbor’s

Down the hill

’Round the bend

Keep plowing still.

Plow the roadway,

Now I ask ya—

Will you stop

Before Nebraska?

Snow is falling

As you plow.

It’s deep enough

To choke a cow.

Please be careful

’Cause it’s icy.

Please do not

Slide into Gracie.

John M. Campbell

Christmas 1996

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