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  • John M. Campbell

Rhymes with Hopke

Bruce Hopke was a tall man who provided IT hardware support to our project. When he found a better opportunity elsewhere, I prepared this going-away poem for him. As you can see, I chose to challenge myself to find rhymes that incorporated his last name.

Rhymes with Hopke

Nothing rhymes with Hopke, so

I’ll have to be most clever,

If I’m going to avoid

My shortest poem ever.

If you ever get the chance

To see Bruce Hopke bored,

It won’t be when he’s working on

Your new desktop keyboard.

It takes some distance if you want

To see Bruce Hopke whole.

You’ll never view his body through

A coffee shop keyhole.

I told you it was futile.

I said there was no way

To make a rhyme with “Hopke,”

Which I’ve proven on this day.

So after that, it’s time to say,

“Goodbye, Bruce Hopke,” now.

We wish you luck, and here I pray

Someone will stop me now.

Best wishes for the future.

John M. Campbell

March 1999

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